Indiferent Thirst

2024 / in production

Film on water.

Slovakia is a country of drinking water. We don’t have oil, gold, gems, but we have huge water resources. Rye Island is the country’s greatest wealth. Many people from Bratislava decided to buy or build a house there, one of the reasons being the quality water with its own well. New houses grow also on places where it should’t be – and there are consequences. A full-length film about water, about what you won’t read much about anywhere, and why…

  • Indiferent Thirst
  • SK, CZ 2024, 80 min.
  • Script and directors: Zuzana Piussi, Lenka Kušnieriková
  • Camera: Zuzana Piussi
  • Producer: Vít Janeček
  • Cast: Elena Fatulová, Tatiana Kratochvílová, Anna Maria Velič, Dušan Velič and others
  • Producers: VIRUSfilm, D1film
  • Support: Audiovisual Fund (SK)
Image: Indiferent Thirst